Feature film story samples…

Two variations on the ending for the Peter Pan sequel RETURN TO NEVERLAND.

1) Jane’s Father returns from the second world war. Click the image below to view the sequence.

2) Jane wakes up glad to be back home, but her dad is still away in the war. Click the image below to view the sequence.

4 thoughts on “Feature film story samples…

  1. Hi Arna, missed the fact that you have had your own blog for over a year…didn’t check the sidebar closely enough at doodlin…beautiful drawings as usual and interesting to see the illustration up…hope all’s well with you and JVB and hope to see you around this year maybe.

  2. Hi Clive! I’ve been in the thick of cleaning up a story board… took a while to get to this reply. You have some very strong drawings on your site, John and I have been trolling around your stuff. Will add a link to your site on this blog. We’re due for a longer talk. Best! ~A

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