Sketching from life, all on zoom during the pandemic…

The first three are done in Procreate. The second three are mixed traditional media, and the last two are a mix- one in Procreate and one a combo of Procreate and Photoshop.


Chase jumps into action! This was the first sequence I storyboarded on the film. What a great way to break the ice.

Paw Patrol: The Movie- Storyboard sample

Here’s a sequence of story panels I created for Paw Patrol: The Movie. The film is out now. I’m pleased to see that this sequence is close to what I boarded.
Story supervisor Joe Giampapa and I were the first board artists to start on the project at House Of Cool in May, 2019. We were soon joined by a top drawer team of story artists. I completed my story work on the film in February 2020.
I’m always happy to work with the team of director Cal Bunker and producer Bob Barlen, a pair of great communicators.
Note: This is untimed video- panels are a half second each.

Surly spinning another scheme…

Surly spinning another scheme…
Back in 2015- Here’s one of the sequences I boarded for The Nut Job 2. Surly Squirrel, voiced by actor Will Arnett, was always reaching for his next big thing. In this scene he laid out yet another plan to be the great big hero to his flock of fellow park animals.
Note: This is an untimed quicktime, .5 secs per frame to give it a pace. Not edited for the dialogue.

Feature film story samples…

Two variations on the ending for the Peter Pan sequel RETURN TO NEVERLAND.

1) Jane’s Father returns from the second world war. Click the image below to view the sequence.

2) Jane wakes up glad to be back home, but her dad is still away in the war. Click the image below to view the sequence.