Stills, part 2, The Most Magnificent Thing

Stills, part 2, The Most Magnificent Thing

The Girl makes a tower out of wooden tongue depressors (it looks just like the Toronto CN Tower). But Dog has other ideas! He tosses his ball and knocks the tower over. …Girl can’t stay mad at him for long.

The winning shorts of #Giffoni2019: a hymn to integration and the beauty of differences

chalk_art_color_v01The jurors of the Giffoni Film Festival 49th edition, through the prizes awarded to the short films, chosen to send out a powerful message: no geograp…
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The Most Magnificent Thing voted by kids ages 3 to 6 for a Gryphon award!

Art for this chalk drawing that appears in our film was designed and created by Jaewoo Kim.

The Most Magnificent Thing at Festigious

Here’s THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING winning best film in the Festigious online film festival for February. Original reposted by Author Ashley Spires. Thanks Ashley!



I’m excited to announce the completion of my directing gig on THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING, a 22-minute CG featurette for Nelvana. I had the privilege to story shepherd this film for one year and ten months! The talent at this studio inspired me to aim higher. We’ve done it.

Screenwriter John van Bruggen adapted the story to screenplay from Ashley Spires’ book of the same name.

Looking forward to sharing the film at festivals world wide.



Another story sequence from KATE AND MIM-MIM

Story work from the show TO CATCH A CRITTER, 2013 by Arna Selznick for Nerd Corps in Vancouver. Please click on the first image to view the sequence.

Fun with KATE AND MIMI-MIM, 2013

Another Nerds and Monsters sample…

As an update, I’ve been quite busy with new feature work. Wish I could show you some of that! But you know how it goes…no one gets to see it until many years down the road after the films are completed.

So here’s another piece of a board done last year for the good folks at SLAPHAPPY CARTOONS. Please click on the image to see the third part of this storyboard: