Stills, part 2, The Most Magnificent Thing

Stills, part 2, The Most Magnificent Thing

The Girl makes a tower out of wooden tongue depressors (it looks just like the Toronto CN Tower). But Dog has other ideas! He tosses his ball and knocks the tower over. …Girl can’t stay mad at him for long.


Click HERE for the full board.


In 2013 I did two HOT WHEELS interstitial storyboards for Mercury Filmworks. The special that they are attached to is HERE.

Nerds And Monsters Board

Here’s a recent story sample from a new series called NERDS AND MONSTERS, produced by the good folks at Slap Happy Cartoons! Click images to enlarge.

Leica for Night Fairies


Leica for Night Fairies

Night Fairies. Storyboard by Arna Selznick, Script by John van Bruggen, for the Stella And Sam animated series, produced by Radical Sheep with Mercury Filmworks.